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About Us

About Us

Our motto: (volunteers everywhere)

Herak Youth Center welcomes all new members, and thanks them for choosing to join the activists of Herak Youth Center, which we hope you can carry a name and actually, knowing that the Center’s activities are continuing in various fields throughout the year, and we welcome all suggestions and initiatives
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Brief  of:

Herak Youth Center is a relief group of Palestinian youth established in May 2013 in Gaza licensed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to serve the local youth community in Gaza Strip.
Our aim is to empower the young people of Gaza with social and political activities that promote and assist the young leadership. We are active among Palestinian youths equally regardless of their political, religious, gender or social affiliation as we try to reinforce democratic values and social tolerance.

Our activities include helping the youth to take initiative as we try to set living samples by helping families in need through global and local fundraising campaigns by our voluntary members. Our objective is to reach out to the most needing families especially after the 51 days of war on Gaza. The consequences are of a huge devastation on every level and must be ameliorated with the cooperation of all local, governmental and international teamwork.
We act locally and are in direct touch with people on the ground, but the needs are far reaching – 110,000 Palestinians homeless, 28,000 at risk without adequate shelter never mind the injured or the 68% unemployed as result of the blockade.
We have developed a primary data bank for the families in most need along with full details for the use of helping agencies.
Your support will help 55,000 homeless children; 425,000 children in need of psycho-social support; 10,000 injured from the Gaza war…
مركز حراك الشبابي هو احد المراكز الشبابية التي تعمل في المنطقة الوسطى من قطاع غزة بجهود المتطوعين والمتطوعات من ابناء المحافظة حيث يهدف المركز الى تعزيز قدرات الشباب في الجوانب الاجتماعية والتربوية والادارية وتفعيل مشاركتهم في القضايا الشبابية والمجتمعية دون تمييز بين الاعضاء وفي هذا الاطار يعكف المركز على اقامة العديد من المبادرات والحملات التطوعية التي تهدف الى اشراك الشباب في ايجاد حلول لقضاياهم وقضايا مجتمعهم